29769 Long Lake Rd. Danbury, WI 54830
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29769 Long Lake Rd. Webb Lake WI 54830
Three Sisters Bed and Breakfast is located in Northwestern Wisconsin in the town of Webb Lake. From Danbury Wisconsin take Wisconsin 35 North to HWY 77 East. Follow 77 to county road H and turn Right or South on H. Follow H to Lake 26 RD and turn right, proceeding to Long Lake RD and turn left. Follow Long Lake RD to Three Sisters Bed and Breakfast. We are on the right side across the road from Gliders Bar and Grill.
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          Originally named Roamers Inn and Resort, built in 1918 as part of a resort complex that included 5 cabins, a bar with country store, and an inn. Located on Des Moines Lake in Webb Lake, Wisconsin, was a very popular place to visit. We enjoy researching the history of our business and have begun gathering old post cards. In the collection we have pictures of the cabins from the 40's and 50's, a 40's era outhouse and a picture of the bar and store building shortly after it was built.

      Many changes have taken place over the years. The inn now across Long Lake Road from Des Moines Lake is gaining new life. Initially a four room inn with three rooms on the second floor and a
fourth on the main floor just off of an area that was originally the tavern. The tavern then moved into the building across the road from the inn in the 1940's and the inn received the first of its many additions.

      Turned into a single family home, we are guessing in the late 50's to early 60's, the inn was closed. The cabins and bar/store building across the road have been separated from the original property and all are currently under new ownership. The bar and restaurant currently Gliders Up North Bar and Grill is still in the business of serving people year round with delicious food and great times. The cabins by the lake are owned individually with the surrounding property part of a common area agreement.

      The old Inn property with 6 beautiful wooded acres was purchased by Brian and Dorothy Nelsen in June of 2014 with dreams to turn it into a "bed and breakfast". Renovations took 7 months with every square inch of the B&B portion of the home was gutted, repaired, reconstructed and brought to current code specifications. The second floor now has two spacious rooms instead of three, each having it's own private bathroom. Additional windows bring in more natural light and provide for wonderful summer cross breezes. Mechanical systems in the entire building were replaced, new furnace,
central air conditioning and water heating systems were installed, as well a new septic system.

     “Three Sisters Bed and Breakfast” officially opened February 17th 2015, we installed reservation and financial software to serve customers on our website with bookings. We look forward to your stay
with us.